Getting to Know the Most Common Types of Workout Equipment at the Gym


There’s no day like the first day at your new gym. You’ve had the tour, signed up, and now you’re ready to get started. But that’s just the problem, where do you begin? With row after row of intimidating, sometimes strange looking workout equipment like treadmills, elliptical trainers and fitness bikes and with monitors - how do you know what to do?


First of all it’s important to realize you’ll be on a learning curve when you first join a new gym. Getting started with the gym equipment is easy if you’ve been going to another gym for years. However if you’re completely new to the gym scene than you may feel intimidated. You may walk in on that first day and be tempted to turn right around and head for the hills! Don’t do it!


Find out if your gym offers a free training program for new members. Most gyms not only offer this but encourage it. (After all they want the machines to be used properly, extend its life, and avoid injuries at their facility.) In fact this should be one of the things you consider before joining a gym.


If they do offer training don’t be shy, sign right up. Sometimes you may have to wait a week or so to get your appointment and you don’t want to lose your momentum in the meantime, you don’t have to either!



Cardio Workout Equipment at Your Gym


For the most part all gyms offer basically the same or similar types of cardiovascular workout equipment. The treadmill, stair stepper, spinners, stationary cycles (both traditional and recumbent,) and elliptical trainers are the most common. Many gyms also have a rowing machine or ski machine.


If you want to get moving before your training the key is to start your exercises slow and keep it simple. I recommend trying the treadmill or one of the bikes. These are the most like normal activities that the majority of us do.


In addition both of these almost always have a ‘quick start’ key. You simply press this quick start key and the belt starts moving or the bike pedals are activated. There are then keys to adjust the speed and incline on the treadmill. On the bike you can also choose resistance and speed.



Slow and Steady Wins the Race


When you’re first starting out you should do so slowly. It’s important to look at getting fit as a lifestyle. It’s not just a goal you reach and then forget it. Don’t push yourself to do too much too soon. Rather try to do a little bit a lot. Start out with 10 minutes at a low incline (or no incline) on the treadmill or low resistance and low speed on the bike.


Utilizing the cardio workout equipment is a great all around workout does your heart a lot of good and is a good place to begin. As you do it each day increase your time. If you can’t figure out how to work that piece of gym equipment ask someone else who’s next to you or simply ask one of the gym attendants to show you. Don’t be shy or self conscious. After all we weren’t born knowing how to use a treadmill; we all had to learn sometime.


Starting off with one of these simple pieces of gym equipment is the best way to start to become comfortable at the gym without feeling overwhelmed. Keep in mind your goals and don’t worry about learning it all (or even most of it) at the beginning. Each day is a step toward your life of improved health, feeling good and enjoying vibrant life – take it!



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