Want a Weight Loss Tea that Works? Discover the Truth behind these MiracleTeas   


Anyone who’s looking to lose weight at one point in time has been lured in by products like weight loss tea that promise fast results. Even if you have the healthiest approach to losing pounds there’s just something about these teas with promises of weight loss that can’t help but grab your interest. The underlying question is always – do they really work? 


If you want to lose weight, get fit, and be healthy for life you must first understand that it’s just that – a way of living. You can’t expect to lose loads of weight, return to your normal eating and lifestyle habits, and continue to keep the weight off. When you approach losing weight as making lifestyle changes to keep you healthy it will be the best possible scenario.  With this type of mindset you will lose weight and get healthy too. 


What’s all the Fuss over Weight Loss Tea? 


Weight loss tea has come into the mainstream lately, especially with recent scientific claims about green tea and weight loss. A stroll down any nutrition store or grocery store reveals bottle upon bottle of green tea pills also promising weight loss. But does a weight loss tea come through on its promise of weight loss? 


Let’s explore the most popular of these weight loss teas; green tea weight loss claims.  


While there’s conflicting scientific evidence in regards to green tea and weight loss the short answer is no. Although green tea offers the drinker many benefits including a slight increase in metabolism it is not really a miracle weight loss tea as it’s often claimed to be.  


And in regards to the hard facts, more recent studies indicate that green tea has no impact on losing weight or keeping it off. In fact, green tea consumption and high caffeine consumption have actually been shown in some studies to contribute to weight gain after initial weight loss.  


If you’re considering drinking green tea for weight loss or any other tea for weight loss it’s important to understand that they aren’t the ‘fix it pill’ (or tea in this case) you may be looking to find. But as long as you are dedicated to eating a healthy diet, exercising, and making your lifestyle one that promotes good health in body, mind, and soul you shouldn’t rule out green tea weight loss or other weight loss teas.  


These teas can serve a purpose in your lifelong journey for good health. Green tea and other teas that claim to help with weight loss are loaded with antioxidants, flavonoids, and other important nutrients.  


And although the claims are that green tea boosts your metabolism to aid in weight loss and getting rid of some belly fat the benefits of drinking it come from the important nutrients it brings to your body. Green tea can potentially help with the following: 


Potential Benefits of Green Tea 


*       Decrease ‘bad’ cholesterol levels 

*       Lower blood sugar levels 

*       Lower blood pressure 

*       Prevent arthritis 

*       Boost immunity 

*       Fight aging process 

*       Fight cancers 

*       Reduce cavities 


These are some of the benefits studies are showing that green tea can bring. Studies are conflicting at this time.  


If you want to lose weight think first of your goal. Do you want to lose weight to look better, feel better, or just get healthy? No matter what your overall goal for losing weight is if you take the time and energy to change your eating habits and lifestyle habits you’ll look better, feel better, and be on the road to real good health, which includes living at your ideal weight.  


Focusing on overall good health and fitness for life rather than a ‘quick fix’ is the best way to lose weight as well as look and feel great! 





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