Vitamins Nutrition Supplements:
A Guide Through The Maze


Extensive Farming and the need for Vitamins Nutrition SupplementsDue to years of extensive farming there are less nutrients in the soil today than there were hundred years ago. That means we don't get as many natural vitamins and minerals with our food anymore and are possibly short of some important nutrients. 

Vitamins nutrition supplements are becoming a vital part of our diets to make up for that deficit. Of course your body's main needs should still be met with a healthy diet plan. Vitamins nutrition supplements cannot replace good balanced nutrition. 

There are so many different types of vitamins nutrition supplements on the market today that you are forgiven to get confused.


Vitamins A, C & EA lot of them contain preservatives, fillers and colorants which are of doubtful use. It is difficult to find products with only the ingredients you actually want. I found Vitamin Source from Naturally direct a good and reasonably priced alternative. Their multi-vitamin and mineral supplement includes most of the nutrients your body requires to function at it's best.

I have put together a short guide to give you some idea of the different important vitamins and minerals. You can get more detailed information at the Office of Dietary Supplements  or MedlinePlus sites . Both are official US National Health Institute sites. The RDA's quoted are from these sites and are for adults.

However before buying a supplement talk to your health care provider to ensure the additional nutrients support your wellbeing.

Dietary supplements are not analyzed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) but from June 2010 onwards have to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) issued by the FDA.



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