Pilates Workouts: What They’ll Do for You


Pilates has become a sort of exercise ‘buzz’ word right now. Celebrities, athletes, and others have jumped on the Pilates exercise bandwagon. You’ve probably hear of Pilates exercise by now but do you know what it’s all about and how it can improve your fitness levels? Although relatively ‘new’ to the fitness scene, Pilates has actually been around for a long time.


Pilates WorkoutsPilates is an exercise originally called ‘contrology’ by its creator German born Joseph Pilates. Suffering from many physical ailments as a child, (like asthma and rickets,) Pilates developed an almost obsession like desire to have the perfect body. This is where Pilates was born.


Pilates utilizes a combination of strengthening and stretching exercises to create flexibility and strength around the bodies’ core; the abdominals and the spinal muscles. When Joseph Pilates came to the United States in 1926 he taught this exercise to boxers and ballet dancers, the rest is history.


The belief in Pilates is that if you have a strong core you are less prone to injuries and can move from that place of ultimate fitness to strengthen and tone the other parts of the body. It’s like laying a strong foundation for you house. When the base is solid the rest of the house will be strong too.


Making the Mind Body Connection


Many people who have become ‘hooked’ on Pilates praise its total body workout, including the mind. Pilates exercise is often touted as making the regular practitioner vividly more aware of their bodies and minds. After regularly taking part in Pilates exercise you’ll become more aware of every move you make; how you sit, walk, stand, and even engage in other exercises.


This connection between the body and mind is vital to an all around ‘fit’ body. Any fitness program that leaves out the mind as the body drudges through monotonous workouts is sure to become boring at best. Like yoga, that encourages body awareness during poses, Pilates exercise also urges anyone after true good health and fitness to also listen to the messages of the body.


The benefits of engaging in regular Pilates exercise are many. Let’s look at a few of them now.


6 Must Have Benefits of Pilates


  1. Improved range of motion
  2. Improved all around flexibility
  3. Improved posture
  4. Improved core strength
  5. Stronger abs
  6. Reduction in back, neck, and joint pain and weakness


Although Pilates is well known to improve issues with core strength and increase support of the spine, Pilates exercise is not for everyone. If you have a back problem or injury it’s important to check with your doctor or physical therapist before beginning Pilates. The very conditions it can improve can actually be worsened when the exercises are not performed properly or the wrong ones are done, or if they are engaged in before the person is ready.


However, if you don’t have any back or other issues Pilates exercise is one of the best ways to increase your strength and flexibility of the spine to prevent future injuries from occurring.


Take a look at Pilate’s exercises and discover what propelled Joseph Pilates from a sick, weak child to a healthy, fit, and strong adult.




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