4 Ways to Lose Weight Fast   


No matter what time of year it is there’s always the underlying desire to lose weight, look your best, and feel great too. Some people are motivated to lose weight because of a doctor’s advice, others want to look good for a particular event, and still others are just ready to live life in a body that feels great.  


If you are looking to lose weight you probably want to do it fast and painlessly. While there are ways to propel yourself to your weight loss goals to lose weight fast if you really want to look and feel good you must adopt a lifestyle of healthy choices. This includes the following: 


*       Healthy Eating 

*       Exercising Daily 

*       Good Sleep 

*       Low Stress Levels  

*       Enjoying Life 


Incorporating each of the above into your life is vital for a life of good health, feeling good, and looking good too. However if you want to lose weight quickly there are a few steps to begin taking immediately to really boost your weight loss.   

1.   Drink Pure Water 

Replace all sodas, juices, and caffeine drinks with water. There’s just nothing like pure water for hydration. Our bodies desperately need pure water as our number one source of hydration and the majority of people don’t drink nearly as much water as they should.  


Stop drinking all other drinks, including sports drinks and make the majority of your drinks water. And by water I mean, pure water not the waters on the market laden with ‘additives’ cleverly labeled as healthy. Just simple, pure water.   

2.   Go Raw 


Make an effort (and reach that goal) to eat a total of five servings of raw foods each day, at least. Start your day off with fresh fruits and veggies and a big glass of fresh, pure water. Minimize, if not eliminate, the processed food you eat. Consider eating organic foods too. Toxins that often come along with produce that’s not organic are stored in our bodies encased in fat cells. Getting rid of the toxins often gets rid of excess fat cells.   

3.   Move Your Body 


No matter how busy you are, or how much you may not want to exercise if you want to lose weight fast, be healthy, and feel and look good it’s essential that you exercise on a daily basis.  


You don’t have to join a gym or jog miles. Just start off slowly (if you aren’t a regular exerciser) and move your body. Consider walking on your lunch break and after dinner. The more you move the more weight you’ll lose (and the better you’ll feel!)  

4.   Eat Early 


The final tip to lose weight fast is to watch when you’re eating. Avoid eating anything (except drinking water) after six or seven o’clock at night. The earlier you stop eating the better. If you’re craving food and finding it hard to resist try drinking an herbal tea or doing some yoga or gentle stretching at those times.  


This will help calm you down (be sure to choose a decaffeinated tea,) help to take your mind off your cravings, and if you engage in stretching you’ll be burning even more calories. 


Remember if you want to lose weight quickly it’s really a lifelong process, not an overnight goal. Take your time to understand what your habits are that contribute to you being overweight, change them, and enjoy how good your body looks and feels! 






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