Discover the Fitness Workout Routine that’s Best for You


There are many ways to get fit, healthy, and enjoy exercising. Finding the right fitness workout routine that meets your own varied needs is essential to keep going with exercise for life. With many workout routines to choose from, there’s a lot to consider before starting a workout program that’s a perfect fit for you.


First of all, like most decisions, it’s important to consider your goals; both long term and short term. If you want to lose weight and have a good bit to shed your workout routine may be different than if you don’t have weight to lose but want to tighten those abs and pick up that butt.


Self Evaluation is Key to Success


It’s also vital to keep in mind any limitations you may have. Physical or other limitations impact not just what you’re able to do but if you’ll be able to stick with the fitness workout routine.


Making it as easy as possible, especially when you first get started, is very important for the long term success of your exercise program. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of workout routines. Evaluate each one, consider your goals, and your limitations if any (time, physical conditions, fitness level, family and work obligations) and pick the one that works the best for your unique situation.


It’s also important to keep in mind that you should give any new workout routine about four to six weeks before you decide to stop it or change it up. (Unless you’re feeling pain or are injuring yourself that is.) In fact statistics show that it takes this long to become adjusted to any change and then evaluate how it’s working.


Change is Good


If you feel that the workout routine you created (or someone created for you) isn’t meeting your needs for any reason (too hard, too easy, boring, painful, etc.) then don’t be afraid to change it up. Simple changes in workout routines can really help you find your desired results.


The list of workout routines is endless. You can constantly change it up (and should once you’ve stuck with it to avoid loss of motivation) and alter it depending on changing fitness goals. (Once you lose those 20 pounds you’ll want a new goal, how about six pack abs?)


Here are the three most common types of workout routines.


  1. Cardio only
  2. Cardio and free weights
  3. Cardio and fitness machines (often referred to as Nautilus)


You’ll notice that each of these on the list start with cardio. That’s because any fitness goal should include cardiovascular exercise. The goal isn’t just to look good but really feel good too. (Of course looking good isn’t too bad either!)


There are some people who only want to focus on cardio workout routines. This is fine if that’s your individual preference. Keep in mind the other benefits that come with strength training and consider adding them to your workout down the road.


Each of the listed workout routines combines cardio with strength training. It’s how you get the strength training that varies.


Let’s explore each further.


Cardio and Free Weights


Free weights are just that; weights that you can move about freely. These are the dumbbells you see stacked on holders usually close to mirrors in the gym. Some people prefer to use these free weights for strength training.


Form is of utmost importance when you use these types of weights. Hence, the mirror. Keep an eye on your form with each and every repetition and set. Poor form will not only decrease the results of your workout it can also end up hurting you. If you don’t know the proper form, ask a trainer, get a book, or look around for wall pictures illustrating the proper way to execute each exercise in your workout routine.


If you’re just getting started with fitness you can do these same exercises without free weights and work your way up. Utilizing your own body weight is great for a good workout.


Strength Training Fitness Machines


Fitness machines for workouts are also a very popular choice. These are the numerous pieces of equipment that fill most of the space at the gym. Years ago they were simply referred to as Nautilus equipment. That’s like calling a tissue a Kleenex.


Most of the time these machines have instructions for use directly on the machine but it’s not always easy to understand. If you want to use these types of weights sign up for a training session with a professional at your gym when you first join. You don’t need a personal trainer to teach you how to use these. You can even ask someone you’ve observed who knows what they’re doing.


One of the benefits of these machines is the ability to maintain form. They make it harder than free weights to have poor form. However, you still can compromise your form so pay attention to it.


There are many other options for workout routines and a great many variations in workout routines when using free weights or gym equipment. Choose what you find most interesting, get started, have fun, and remember to give it a chance before you change it up.




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