17 Vital Benefits of Fitness Strength Training


Many people simply consider losing weight when they think of getting fit. However one of the best ways to improve your overall fitness level, get strong and fit, and tone up your body is to utilize fitness strength training.


Fitness strength training is one of the best kept secrets in working out today. Often the new exerciser is overly focused on weight loss and they ignore, forget, or plain just don’t understand the importance of strength training. Fitness strength training is vital to attaining your fitness and health goals.


So just what is fitness strength training? Generally it refers to any weight bearing or resistance exercise that grows or strengthens muscles thereby increasing your strength. You can use free weights, your own body weight, exercise equipment, bands, balls, and more for fitness strength training.


In fact, you can use just about anything that you can hold and weighs something, maybe your toddler will do?


But all joking aside, any comprehensive fitness plan must include strength training. When you couple cardiovascular exercises with strength training you’ll see results faster.


New studies and data have revealed that the benefits of fitness strength training go far beyond just how you look. In fact the CDC (America’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has even created and endorsed a strength training workout routine called Growing Stronger for Older Adults.


This routine utilizes strength training exercises to improve your overall fitness and health. The CDC sites a few of the benefits you’ll get from regular strength training.


6 Benefits of Strength Training by CDC:


Reduce or eliminate the signs and symptoms of:


  1. Arthritis
  2. Diabetes
  3. Osteoporosis
  4. Obesity
  5. Back pain
  6. Depression


In addition to these amazing benefits experts generally agree on more vital, life giving benefits of regular fitness strength training. Check them out!


11 More Benefits of Fitness Strength Training:


  1. Increased physical endurance
  2. Increased physical performance
  3. Prevention of muscle loss (atrophy)
  4. Decreased risk of injury
  5. Improves posture
  6. Improve balance and coordination
  7. Elevates mood
  8. Decreases resting blood pressure
  9. Increases HDL or good cholesterol
  10. Increases BMR (basal metabolic rate)
  11. Increases self esteem and self confidence


If you’re not convinced yet, you may never be but with all the evidence of the vast benefits that regular fitness strength training gives you it’s important to make it part of your fitness routine.


Like with any new exercise program, start off slowly, find what works for you, and stick with it. You can change, add, or alter in any way as you start to become used to the program and exercises.


Fitness strength training is great for both men and women, people of all ages, all fitness levels, and everyone in between. Even if you’re not in perfect health strength training can be one of the best things you’ll ever do. It could be the key ingredient that gets you back to the health you once had – even if that was years before. If you’ve ruled it out before think again. The decision to add fitness strength training to your fitness routine is one that you won’t regret!






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