What You Must Know Before You Purchase a Fitness Machine


Usually when people think about working out at home or creating a home gym the first (and most obvious) thing they consider is fitness equipment. Most of the time they want to get something that will help them get a cardiovascular (also known as ‘cardio’) workout.


You know get their blood pumping, heart working, and get good and sweaty. These types of fitness machines can be found row after row at the gym. They are often the most sought after piece of fitness equipment at the gym. And there’s good reason too, actually a lot of good reasons to make this type of fitness machine a must.


Making a cardio exercise a part of your daily exercise plan is essential for improving health, in numerous ways. Whether you want to lose weight, increase strength and energy, improve sleep, help your heart, or achieve any other health goal you simply must do cardio exercises daily.


But with so many options out there it’s hard to know what to choose. There’s the treadmills, the elliptical trainers, the stair stepper, the stationary bike, the rowing machine, weights, the list is long and sometimes can get confusing.


You may even wonder if you need this type of fitness equipment at all. (And you just may not.) Like I mentioned it’s vital to get a cardio workout each and every day (or just about.) But you don’t have to own this type of fitness machine or even belong to a gym to get in this type of exercise.


The Old Fashioned Cardio Workout


You can get it the ‘old fashioned’ way….outdoor exercise! An often overlooked yet, incredibly efficient way to workout.


Depending on where you live, consider walking, running, or jogging as a great way to get your cardio workout. Whether you can easily walk near your home or you have to drive (or take public transportation) to a local park, taking a 30 minute walk (not stroll once you’re a regular) can do the trick. (The outdoor air is amazing to breath in deeply too.) If you live somewhere with year round good weather then this may be the right bet for you. (It’s economical too!)


Consider Seasonal Challenges for Your Cardio Workout


However, if you live in a place with extreme seasonal variations you may want to consider purchasing a piece of fitness equipment that can help you get a great cardio training indoors. Often in the winter or hot summer it’s difficult to keep it up with outdoor exercises due to cold temperatures, snow or the stifling humidity and heat of the summer.


Sometimes skipping just one day, turns into a week, which ends up being a month. This is easy to do if the ground is snow covered and it’s bitterly cold outside. It’s also easy to do if the air is so hot and humid it’s difficult, even cumbersome to breath.


If you do want to walk for your cardio workout but know that the rain or extreme hot or cold temperatures would prohibit you from going outside (many people with heart issues have to avoid both hot and cold extremes) investing in a piece of cardio fitness equipment may be exactly what you need.


Are You Motivated All Year Long?


Another point to consider is boredom. Many times what once was fascinating and new soon becomes boring and a real ‘chore’ to keep up. Know yourself and how long it takes for you to become bored with exercise. If you’ve never exercised regularly before consider if you are the type to get bored with the same ole’, same ole’ stuff. If the answer is ‘yes’ then fitness equipment at home as well as utilizing the outdoors to work out could keep your motivation levels up for the long haul.


And when it comes to exercising, it really should be something you plan to do for the rest of your life. With the many choices of cardio fitness equipment there’s a lot to consider before you make this somewhat pricey decision.


The most important point to consider is what type of fitness equipment you want and then what you really need to not just reach your fitness goals but help to keep exercise a part of your everyday life.  Learn a little about each type of cardio equipment and make an informed choice that will help you stay fit for life!






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