Should You Join a Fitness Gym?


Joining a fitness gym is something that many people contemplate over the course of their lives. Some go ahead and join and fall in love with the gym workout, others join only to not use their memberships, and still others forego the gym completely opting for other ways to get healthy and fit.


Wherever you may fall a fitness gym can be an invaluable tool in the pursuit of health and yes, happiness. It all depends on you. What your personality type is, what your workout goals are, your personal workout history, your support system, your personal likes and dislikes, and of course your budget. Joining a fitness gym is a very personal decision. And it can change over the years too.


Once you decide if a gym membership is right for you it’s time to consider what type of fitness gym you want to join. Yes, they are different from each other. For instance if you dislike kids you may want to avoid the local YMCA but if you’re looking for socialization with other adults and need a fitness gym with later hours Planet Fitness (or another 24 hour gym) may be the fit for you.


First let’s consider whether or not a fitness gym membership is right for you.


Despite the stats that report most people stay fit without gym memberships, fitness gyms are growing in popularity daily. If you are dedicated to getting fit and staying fit you then you can do it without a gym membership. But there are a few key factors to think about before you rule out the gym.



Ask Yourself these 7 Questions First:


  1. Do you live somewhere that getting outside to exercise on a regular basis would be dangerous?

  2. Do you work hours that would make it dangerous for you to exercise outside?

  3. Do you have limited space that would prevent you having your own gym equipment?

  4. Do you easily lose interest in exercise or experience a lack of motivation?

  5. Do you need the training of a professional to help you begin your exercise program?

  6. Do you find it challenging to exercise because of small children at home?

  7. Do you want access to different exercise options such as the pool, group classes, basket ball courts, etc?


If you answered yes to any of these questions you may be the perfect candidate for a fitness gym membership.


A gym membership offers a variety of benefits. These include but are not limited to:


Fitness Gym Benefits:

Hours of operation that make exercising not limited to daylight hours.
Safe and comfortable setting.
Numerous exercising options.
Professionals available when you exercise to help advise, and guide you.
Contact with others who share similar fitness goals.
Babysitting services.
Lots more!

There’s no doubt it can be much cheaper (in fact free) to exercise with the help of the outdoors but for some people for different reasons that just doesn’t work. Know yourself and be honest with yourself before you make this decision to join a fitness gym or exercise out of one.


If you join a gym to exercise or opt to start your own exercise program out of the gym your dedication and discipline are both vital for success. Fitness, feeling good, and being healthy don’t just ‘happen’ overnight. It’s really about a lifestyle, a way of living that promotes good health that includes daily exercise. Don’t rush into it, just do a bit everyday and you’ll be glowing with good health sooner than you may think!

If you’re not sure ask a friend who’s already a member at a gym you’re considering to take you as a guest and try it out first hand. Many gyms offer 30 day free guest passes, ask about this too before you make the leap.




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