Looking for a Full Body Workout in One Shot? Try an Elliptical Trainer

As we talk about the various cardio workout machines available today, the most common ones (treadmill, fitness bike) focus on a cardio workout by using the lower body. However, if you want to get an upper body workout at the same time consider the advantages of the elliptical trainers also known as a cross trainer.

You may have seen these machines at the gym, or on television. You may wonder what kind of funky piece of fitness equipment these are. (I know I did when they first appeared on the fitness scene.) An elliptical trainer is sort of a cross breed of a few types of machines. This cross trainer appears to combine the treadmill, the stair stepper, a ski machine, and a fitness cycle into one product known as the elliptical trainer.

This type of cardio fitness equipment uses the legs and has moving handles that allow the arms and shoulders a great workout too. These machines usually also have stationary handles if you want to eliminate the arms or simply take a break.

The unique motion of these machines promotes low impact activity. There is less stress on the joints of the body. You get a great workout without feeling a lot of impact on the vulnerable joints.

If you think elliptical trainers may be right for you shop around and keep in mind the following points.


3 Points to Consider about Elliptical Trainers



Does your home (or wherever you plan to use the cross trainer) have high enough ceilings to accommodate even the tallest user in your home without bumping their heads.

Wide pedals, safety rims.

Be sure the pedals are wide enough for movement of your feet. Look for safety rims that would stop your foot from accidentally sliding off and you getting hurt.


Depending on where you plan to use this moving the machine may or may not be an issue. Some are quiet large and difficult to store out of the way easily. Consider the weight and how easily it can be moved before you make a purchase.

With these points in mind let’s take a look at a few of the most popular elliptical trainers available today.


3 Popular Elliptical Trainers


Gazelle Edge

This folding elliptical trainer retails for around $100. It can handle up to a 250lb user, is equipped with extra wide, non skid foot platforms, weighs 42lbs, and measures 43 x 28 x 53.8 inches.

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer

This cross trainer retails for close to $600. It accommodates a user up to 275lbs, has BioFit foot pads for safety and comfort, weighs 152lbs, has wheels for easy moving, and measures 59 x 26 x 58 inches.

It has a monitor showing you how many calories you have burned and what rate your heart is going at and other values.

Horizon Fitness EX-57 Elliptical Trainer

This elliptical trainer retails for $500. Holds users up to 275lbs, weighs 163lbs, and measures 29 x 67 x 55 (w h d.)

It's monitor displays similar information as the Schwinn's.

As you can see there’s a lot of variety in elliptical trainers. Finding a model that fits your budget and meets your individual needs is essential to staying on a fitness program that works.

Do some online research and then try out your favorite ones. You don’t have to buy one in the store if the price you find online is better. Just be sure to go in person and try them out first. This is the best way to know if you like it or not.

If you know someone who belongs to a gym you may want to ask if you can go as their guest. This will give the opportunity to try out the elliptical there as well as the other popular types of cardiovascular equipment and see what you like best.



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