A No Carb or Low Carb Diet: Which One is Right for You?


So you want to lose some weight and you keep hearing about carb diets. Low carb, no carb weight loss programs have become popular over the last decade with the now famous Atkins Diet leading the way. But how do you know which of these diets is the one for you?


Let’s take a look at the now infamous Atkins Diet, the most well known of all the low carb diets.


The Atkins Diet was created by Dr. Atkins based upon a diet that he read about in a Journal of the American Medical Association. During this time Dr. Atkins was trying to lose weight himself. This diet worked well for him so in 1972 his first book on this diet Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution was published. Years later the second version  Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution came onto the market and was received with vigor.


This was the weight loss program everyone wanted to try.


The plan limited the number of net carbohydrates the ‘dieter’ takes in on a daily basis. The theory is that you’ll stay full while eating a lower amount of calories. This is based on the assumption that most diets fail due to uncontrollable hunger.


Steak for Breakfast, Steak for Lunch, and Filet Mignon for Dinner: This is the Diet for Me!


However, the part of this program that appealed to so many was it’s clear indication that you could eat anything else you wanted as long as you kept your carb count down; steak and eggs for breakfast, followed by a hearty cream soup along with a hefty portion of cold cuts for lunch, finished with a dinner of steak again drenched with heavy Béarnaise sauce, and maybe some desert, just one that’s low in carbs.


And the diet promised that not only will you lose weight, your heart will get healthier, and your memory will improve among other amazing health benefits.


No wonder the book was a bestseller!


Discover How a Low Carb Diet Works


Despite the obvious negatives, the premise of the low carb or no carb diet is this. The body of an overweight person consumes too many carbohydrates and thus uses these carbs for fuels leaving the fat stores in tact and growing. When you lower or completely cut your carbohydrate intake you essentially transform your body from a carb burning machine to a fat burning machine.


The body utilizes ketosis to get energy. Ketosis is the process where the body get’s its fuel from ketones that are created by breakdown of fat stores. This depletes the unwanted fat stores and weight is lost!


The Atkins Diet and other low carb or no carb diets have grown in popularity because of their success rates; however the long term consequences must be considered if getting healthy, not just thinner, is what you truly desire.


Eating a healthy diet is essential to not just looking and feeling good it’s vital for abundant, vibrant, and healthy life today and into tomorrow. Although you may be focused on losing unwanted pounds consider the long term and getting healthy and fit for life. Sure, it may take some changes and a bit more time but these are the kinds of changes that will last a lifetime!



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