Discover the Bodybuilding Workout Best for You   


Just as there are different people in the world when it comes to working out there are many different fitness goals. While some are just motivated to lose weight, others are looking for a fit, toned, and strong body with impressive abs to carry them through life. A bodybuilding workout can give you the strong body you want not just for today but for life!  


Bodybuilding too comes in different shapes and sizes to suit everyone’s individual goals. Do you want to compete in bodybuilding competitions, are you more interested in getting abs or just being strong and fit to help you in daily life? Either way there are options for you. 


Defining Your Goals with a Bodybuilding Workout 


If you want to get toned and strong there are certain types of exercises to do in order to achieve these results. The first step is to be clear about your motivation and define exactly what it is you want to achieve. Do you want big muscles or smaller, defined ones? There are exercises to engage in and ways to do each bodybuilding workout for each of these goals.  


Say you want big, bulky muscles. Then your bodybuilding workout would encompass starting off at a comfortable level with weight training and increasing over time to press heavier and heavier weights. These heavy weights with an average of eight to ten repetitions and two to three sets of each will develop bigger, bulkier muscles. You might have to look into getting more protein through supplements to achieve your goal. 


Now if your goal is for smaller, more defined muscles (more common for women) then you’ll want to again start off at a comfortable level and not advance to far in heaviness of weights. Using smaller weights you can do more reps and more sets. Aim for fifteen to twenty reps for three sets of each exercise.  


Those are the basics for the bodybuilding workouts used for bulk versus definition.  


Assess Your Physical Strengths and Weaknesses 


Next in any bodybuilder's workout it’s important to assess your strengths (in terms of muscle groups) and weaknesses. Once you know these take a look at your goals.  


Do you have a weaker lower body and wish to really focus in and build that part of your physique up? Or is the opposite for you, your lower body is ripped but your upper body is barely toned and you’re just dying to see ripped arms, and toned shoulders this year?  


Either way focus your bodybuilding routine on exercises that will strengthen your weaker areas and develop the muscle groups you want to emphasize. A word of caution: even if you are focused heavily on one muscle group it’s vital to use a bodybuilding routine that engages the entire body and all of the muscle groups to be truly fit and in shape. Any program that leaves out one part of the body is an incomplete one.  


Finding the Bodybuilding Workout that’s Right for You 


You can opt for a bodybuilding workout that has already been created by a professional, get a personal trainer, utilize books and magazines to create your own unique bodybuilding workout, or follow DVD workouts if you have weight training equipment at home or are able to remember them and repeat at your gym.  


Any of these choices are great and each meets different budgets and workout needs of individuals. Many think of a bodybuilding workout as only large weights at the gym. This simply isn’t true, unless you want to compete in bodybuilding.  


If you want to get strong, fit, and toned you can utilize many different types of equipment and find a bodybuilding workout that‘s a perfect fit for your goals as well as your workout interests and needs.  


Being fit has never been so easy and there have never been as many options for achieving the fitness results you want as there are today. Try out a few bodybuilding workouts until you find the one that works best for you! 



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