Are You Ready to Zumba???   


If you’re looking for a workout program that will keep you moving, burn calories, and energize you that is lots of fun too it’s time to consider Zumba. This is one of the hottest (if not the hottest) fitness exercise to hit the market in years. If you join a Zumba class be prepared for a fast paced, easy to follow, energetic exercise routine that will keep you coming back for more.  


Zumba’s History: A Glance 


Zumba was developed by Alberto ‘Beto’ Perez, a native of Colombia in the 1990’s. Beto brought this revolutionary dance and fitness training to the United States in 1999. In 2001, he was approached by two entrepreneurs who urged him to market this amazing, fun, and easy to do exercise both nationally and internationally. Zumba was trademarked that same year and the rest is as they say, history!  


Zumba combines Latin rhythms of cumbia, salsa, and merengue music with aerobic fitness and dance moves that are easy to follow (and fun to do.) There are fast and slow rhythms as well as easy to more challenging moves. In fact Zumba has grown so much since its official conception in 2001 that there are now several classes available, each focusing on needs of different groups of individuals including seniors and children. 


Zumba for All: Types of Zumba 


The classes now available are as follows: 


  1. Basic Zumba 
  2. Basic Zumba Level 2 
  3. Zumba Gold 
  4. Zumba Toning 
  5. Zumbatomic 
  6. Aqua Zumba 


Each of these groupings of Zumba offer a little bit more or less, fulfilling different needs of various group participants. Let’s explore a few of the levels now.  


Basic Zumba is perfect for your first try (or few) at the program. It offers basic, easy to follow moves, coupled with flavorful music with an international, Latino flair. Level 2 ups the ante just a bit with a few more rhythms added to the mix.  


Zumba Gold is specifically geared for the active, older adult population or those adults who are truly, ‘out of shape.’  


Zumba Toning blends classic Zumba moves and music with body sculpting. This class utilizes Zumba Toning Sticks for more weight resistant exercises designed to shape, firm, and tone specific areas of the body.  


Zumbatomic is a class designed specifically to engage and meet the fitness needs of children who are between four and twelve years of age. Children’s nature love to wiggle, dance, and move around are nurtured, engaged all while they develop a love of exercising and get fit! 


Finally Aqua Zumba also called a ‘pool party’ is great for all ages and utilizes traditional aquatic workout moves with Zumba moves and music.  


Zumba Goes Global with Kellogg’s 


As you can see Zumba isn’t just one type of workout for one type of exerciser. The goal of Zumba is to develop a love of working out in all people regardless of their current level of fitness. In fact in 2007, Zumba officially launched its international marketing campaign teaming with Kellogg to bring Zumba not just to the Hispanic community but to more international communities all over the world as well. In fact many international boxes of Special K have Zumba pictures and information on them. And as of July 2009, Zumba was taught in more than 50,000 locations and in 75 countries!  


Wow, it’s really caught on and for good reason too. 


Zumba keeps exercising challenging, fun, and fresh. If you are easily bored with your regular, same ole, same ole gym routines give Zumba a try. You’re sure to be hooked on this energetic, hip, and fun exercise phenomenon.  


If you’re ready to get started make sure you take classes from an instructor who’s been certified by the Zumba Academy and is therefore properly trained and educated in the art of Zumba. Go to for a list of classes and instructors in your local area.  

If you first want to give it a try in the privacy of your home get a video and dance the calories away in front of your TV. 


What to Wear 


Before going to your first Zumba class be sure you have the proper footwear, this is the most important piece of ‘equipment' to have for a class. Choose a sneaker that offers good support, like a cross trainer, and allows for side to side movements and turns with minimal tread.  This will help you engage in proper form and minimize chance of injury.  


If you love music, to dance, and get motivated by zesty and flavorful Latin sounds consider Zumba as the perfect exercise for you! 







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